Tuesday, September 17, 2013

England Through Melli's Lens

Hey folks,

I’m not sure anybody’s actually gonna read this post. I mean, I’ve left Canterbury more than 3 months ago. There are no news from my year abroad left to share. But I miss blogging, I really do. It’s weird how it became such a normal process for that if something happened in my life I just shared it on this blog. There are so many ideas on my mind on what to blog about but many of them are a bit tricky to actually put into practise. 

Then, I visited my friend Melli last weekend (who came and visited my in England thisspring) and she gave me some pictures she took during her stay in Canterbury. So here it was – the perfect opportunity to revive the blog! I mean, it’s about England and who doesn’t like taking a trip down memory lane? 

I'm really, really tempted to spill the beans on how my life has been since I've been back in Germany. I kinda really wanna talk about my internships, seeing old friends again, missing my new friends and taking little trips on the weekends to see a bit more of my homecountry. But on the other hand, I can't say when and if things get too personal and - most importantly - if anybody's actually gonna read all the crap I post here. 

So, help me out here, would you? I miss blogging! I'm that type of person that is way too creative, always in search of some way to get all that creativity out (let's just ignore that I'm working in a creative job as an intern...) but I really do not want to annoy anybody with this blog. Yay to me posting about my life back at home and some (read: a lot) thoughts on Erasmus, a year abroad and international friendships? Or nay to me being an annoying, self-centered egocentric who feels the urge to tell the world about my life?

As always:
Lots of love from Bad Oeynhausen,

I leave you with the reason for the post - Melli's pictures of Kent!

My favorite bakery! Remember it from this post? I showed it to everybody who visited me. My brother acutally got some donutes there for his trip back to Germany and that night I got a text saying "Made it home safely. Thanks for the tip to go to that bakery - best donut of my life!".

The place where I got my tattoo done... 

Did I mention just how great these donuts are? Also, I was getting nervous because I was about to get a tattoo. Just sayin'...


Before (this is nervous laughter)... and after, enjoying the adrenalin rush! Oh yeah, and during.

I miss Snakebite! Germany, what's wrong with you for not serving this?!

 I'm a princess. There's no denying it. Actually, my ex-boyfriend gave me a tiara for my birthday once!

Such a cute squirrel!

 I own that place (it's Westminster Abbey), haha.

Spotted from the London Eye.

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  1. Franzi!
    I seriously appreciate this post so much. I miss Canterbury so much, and for that matter I miss england all together.
    Such lovely pictures!