Thursday, July 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Baking Party

Hey folks,

just a super quick post to make use of Throwback Thursday as I have way too many photos from months back left to share. These were taken one afternoon in Sophia's kitchen who invited me over to have a baking party (which turned out to be a feast, we had so much cake that we didn't know how to eat it all). We tried to make a German "Streuselkuchen" and of course some good old American cookies. Oh, and happy Fourth of July to all you Americans out there, enjoy your BBQ and fireworks! Anyway, the cookies and Zoe's English pie worked out just fine but we kinda failed at our German project...
On monday I started my first of two internships this summer at a local newspaper. I'm part of the online team, meaning I get to work with the website and social networks. I also get to write a lot and even cut (and filmed a bit of) my first video. So exciting! I have to admit that working a regular 8-hour-job leaves me pretty exhausted at night so tomorrow I'm gonna be the first one to scream TGIF when I'm out of the office, haha. On this note, I'm too lazy to translate this post. Also, I'm writing and speaking German all day long (ugh!) so this will remain English-only. I know most of my readers from home understand this just fine anyway.

Lots of love from Bad Oeynhausen,

PS: All pictures were taken by Zoë, thank you!

A rocket or a slighly more inappropriately shaped cookie?

Zoë's pie.

Usually I never post pictures in which I look bad (the advantage of having your own blog ;)) but Sophia looked so cute in this one!

Mutated "Streuselkuchen"


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