Sunday, June 9, 2013

Canterbury Night Fever

Hey folks,

just a quick post with an endless number of pictures I've been collecting for quite a while - the evidence of my "nightlife" here in Canterbury. I can't say I'm a total party animal, when I get to choose I'd probably prefer a quiet night in with my boyfriends Ben&Jerry and my girls, but since I'm a student at university I can't deny that there has been some partying... here you go, enjoy!

Lots of love from Canterbury,

PS: The varying lenght of my hair can give you a hint when the pictures were taken, hihi.

All dolled up for Jasmin's birthday party back in 2012.

Jana and me wanted a good girls' night out, so we got dressed up and went to The Ballroom for some cocktails. Later, we ended up at Picture House where the Cosmopolitan Flirt Party took place...

Selfy before the night out.

Jana lookin' like a fairy.
Oh, yeah, did I mention that I'm afraid of the camera? Looking like bambi...

Great cocktail at The Ballroom

Love that cheeky look :)

Strawberry Daiquiri... yes please!
The green bracelet I'm showing off here means 'Single'. They also have yellow - One Night Stand and red - Not Available.

The next five pictures are courtesy of Kat, they were taken on Biz' birthday (she's my housemate). We went out for dinner and headed over to a bar on campus where we were the first ones on the dancefloor, of course!

Kat & me
Kat, the birthday girl & me.

Hannah's rocking the floor.
Heading out to a "real English pub" with Marlies, getting... a pitcher of cocktails, haha. Very authentic. As a sidenote: I miss this lovely girl :(

And then... there's Venue. It's the club on campus with many, many themed parties. It's hard to believe but I went for the first time a couple of weeks ago, for their 90s Party. The first three pictures (and the one at the beginning of the post) are courtesy of Carla, thanks again to everyone who lets me steal them off Facebook!

Jonathan, Maddy, Alessia, Carla, Jana, Patrizia and me.

Love that one! Rocking with my girl Sari (I miss you!).
Healthy pre-drinking.

Why so sad, Maddy?

They played Cotton Eye Joe! We danced the part.

I'm not the expert for selfies...

I just loved my new headband.

Oh, Ballroom... you're getting so much of this blog lately! What can I say, it's a beautiful location and I'm a sucker for a good cocktail. Did I mention their amazing two-for-one offer? We're actually heading out there tomorrow again, for another concert. Gotta enjoy my last few days here (and no, I don't wanna talk about it, it makes me too sad).

Rosepetal Martini.

Picking out the right drink.

Got this beauty on sale for 9 pounds instead of 40!

They have a bathtub, I couldn't resist climbing in.

So cute!

Remember the single party? Yep, we went there again... without knowing about it, haha.

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