Thursday, May 16, 2013

What Will Stay With Me

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Hey folks,

Here it goes, my last month of my time in England has begun and I’m starting to get sentimental. Normally, this blog doesn’t take on serious topics as I created it to be able to share photos and experiences with my folks back home but I still feel that I need to do a post like this. I have been in Canterbury since September 2012 and I’m sure that the thing I’ll remember most when reminiscing about my stay here in the future will be the people I’ve met and the friends I made – hoping that some of those will stick with me for life.

This stay abroad is already my second time living in another country, away from home. The first time, I had just turned 17 and felt the great need to get out of the small town I was born and raised, so I decided to do a year abroad at an American High School. That year was so different and at the same time so similar to the year here in Kent but what I’ve learned from it and what will probably be true is that such an experience lets you explore your friendships.

You find out who are your true friends from home - those who stay in touch with you, take you back the way you are, even if you’ve changed and they are the ones who understand it that you didn’t have time to chat with them every day during your year abroad, they’ll still love you no matter what and, even more, you’ll make new friends, the most amazing people. From my time in the U.S., four years ago, I have one truly great friend left who’ll actually come and visit me here soon and I’m still in touch with my host family but it is not only that. There are so many people who have made an impact on you – for me, that would, for example, be my U.S. History teacher Mr. Alexander and my American Literature teacher Mr. Klostermann, whose lessons made me fall in love with American literature and be curious about the culture, which made me choose my degree.

I don’t know yet who of those amazing people I have met here will make a lasting impact but I know for sure that they helped me create great memories. There have been little trips to the sea, appreciating the landscape together and just wandering around chatting, having a good cup of coffee. There are Girls who don’t care about their diets and just decided to splurge with me on the most amazing food and there are people who share my passion for literature and nerdy things and never judged me for freaking out when I talked about my favourite book, poem or TV series. There were parties when we just forgot about all the bullsh*t going on in our lives, dancing and singing our hearts out. There were days when those people made me feel better about my studies – we felt unmotivated together, ensured each other that those days of essay writing all-night-long would pass and that the upcoming exam would surely not kill me. We shared our countries’ customs and laughed together when we tried to teach each other some bits and pieces of a new language. We wandered around in Istanbul, wondering about strange customs, enjoying Baklava and fresh fish, gazing out at the Bosporus not wanting to return to Canterbury for the last week of term, too amazed by all the new impressions around us. When I was at home all day, reading, revising, studying and felt the need to go for a walk, I could message you and you’d go on a walk with, cheering me up and motivating me to kick some serious literature butt. There was my daily coffee date that always cheered me up so much and that I’m missing already. Hanging out in some random kitchen with my Park Wood peeps… I will miss all of that.

If the stay in touch (what I hope!) or not – seriously, guys, you MADE these 9 months for me! Let’s make the best of our last couple of weeks here together. Without you, I couldn’t sit here tearing up just a little but still feeling so incredibly blessed.


As always, lots of love from Canterbury,

PS: First exam tomorrow and I'm nervous but still feel like I'm ready to do this! Send me some positive energy 2-5 p.m. English time :-)

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