Monday, May 27, 2013

Keynestock 2013

Hey folks,

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and now some time to enjoy the beautiful weather on this bank holiday! I can honestly say that my weekend was really very amazing. I went out with a couple of friends Friday night – we initially only wanted to have one cocktail but we ended up dancing all night long. Those nights are just the best. Oh, and I got to wear my new dress (it was on sale! 9 pounds instead of 40, woop woop) that I love very much. I still have some more photos from our nights out and I’ll share them with you soon.

On Saturday, Keynestock was finally there. Elisa and I went there pretty early because the weather was so amazingly good and just sat outside, enjoying the sunny weather. Lately, we’ve had some true English weather – cold, windy and rainy but that day, oh my, it was just gorgeous. A little bit later, the rest of the group joined us and we enjoyed some true English drinks (I’ve never had Pimm’s before but it’s so delicious) and barbecue. In between bands, we walked around and one time, we went to get some sweets from the supermarket on campus but when we came back, there was a fire alarm and everybody had to wait outside of Keynes College, where the festival took place. Such a bummer! The upside of this was that Dalliances got out their instruments and did a little impromptu session in the parking lot, which was brilliant.

When we got to go back in, Defunk’d played and we were blown away. Seriously, those guys were amazing! I included two clips below so that you can see (and hear) for yourself. After them, Dalliances were up and they were so much fun as well, a little folksy, just perfect for the summery day we had. In the end, Defunk’d won the festival and they’ll get to play at the Summer Ball (which I’m going to miss because I’m gonna be in Cologne). All in all, it was a pretty amazing day, I cannot stress that enough so thanks to all the amazing performers!

The weather’s been pretty great ever since, we hung out in the sun all day yesterday and tomorrow I’m off to London for the day to watch A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Globe Theatre with Zoe, which is just a huge deal for me as a literature student, again, can’t wait for it!

Lots of love from Canterbury.
Pictures 3-5 are courtesy of Sam Allard Photgraphy, you can find more here

Jon Easton.

Pimm's - so good!

Elisa and me, enjoying the sun & the music.

Echo Juliet.

More and more people are arriving...

Oh hey Zach!

Got a kiss from Maddy, so excited, haha.

These next pictures illustrate our friendship pretty well. So, Marlies didn't want to get in the picure. I didn't like that.

There she is!

Love that puzzled look on Jana's face!

When Buildings Collapse.
Dalliances rocking the parking lot.



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