Sunday, March 17, 2013

Karaoke Nights

Hey folks,
Every Thursday, there is Karaoke Night at the pub closest to where most of my friends and me live and the place is called ‘Woody’s’. We started going there last term already but by now, it has almost become a weekly thing and I am super glad about it. It’s so nice to see the girls at least once a week, don’t have to walk far (seriously, it’s a two-minute walk) and enjoy my favourite British beverage: Snakebite.
I have to admit that I’m not a great singer at all and I’m not even saying this to fish for compliments – seriously, I suck :) but some of the girls (and guys if they dare to join us) have amazing voices and I love listening to them sing. Sometimes I’ll give in a do a little group number, so far we have graced the audience with ‘Wannabe’, ‘You’re the One that I Want’, ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ and ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ – next on our list is definitely ‘Trouble’ by Taylor Swift but as of right now, the DJ doesn’t have it. Let’s cross our finger so that we can scare the audience and embarrass ourselves.
Today’s my friend Jana’s birthday and after a little surprise for her today in the morning we’re probably going out to dinner tomorrow, which is pretty nice because it gives me time to study. I have two novels left to read before I can start working on my essays, let’s do this!
Lots of Love from Canterbury,


Remember when there was so much snow in Canterbury?

Maddy's rocking the stage.

I think this was 'You're the One that I Want'...

Pretty girls: Marlies & Maddy


Being a goof.

Sari & Marlies enjoying Myrthe's performance.

These guys were crazy and built this huge pyramid.

Cheers, Jana!

Jonathan sang for the first time after months of us begging him to.

Jonathan's fans.

Casually doing some Kung-Fu.

From left to right: Myrthe, Marlies, me, Maddy & Jana.

Marlies had curly hair for the first time ever thanks to Maddy.

Sari being adorable.
No pictures? Not with me!

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