Sunday, January 27, 2013

Istanbul Day 5: Bosphorus Trip

Hey folks,
I hope you’re having a great weekend – I’ve been enjoying the ten degrees and sunny English weather, it’s just amazing. The only downside is probably that when I went for a run today, I had to stop frequently figuring out how to cross over the puddles that were covering the whole width of the footpath. There were more like ponds, actually.
So, here are the pictures from my fifth day in Istanbul (day 1, day 2, day 3 & day 4), probably my favourite one. We started early again to catch the ferry boat for the long Bosphorus trip. It took roughly one and a half hours to get to a little fisherman’s village on the Asian side where we had lunch and took a look around before heading back. After that, we stopped by another mosque and got to witness an Islam prayer session, what an amazing experience, I am so thankful for the guards who were generous enough to let us stay.

The weather was just gorgeous, in the city it was still cloudy and cold and on the boat, the wind was crazy but we could see it slowly clearing up and when we arrived at the Asian side, it was sunshine and 15 degrees – in December! We decided to go on a little hike to climb the hill that had old Byzantine castle ruins on top. As we reached the castle, we had a gorgeous view of the Bosphorus, all the way to the high-rise buildings of Istanbul and on the other side we had the Black Sea right at our feet. We were actually right by the Turkish border to Russia and Milène claimed, she could see Russia on the horizon of the Black Sea, haha. I also made a little video again but it was very windy, sorry about that.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I’m gonna take up my books and read until I drop ;-)

Lots of love from Canterbury,


PS: Prem's video about day 4 & day 5.

On our way to the ferry, we crossed over the Galata Bridge and saw the fishermen Orhan Pamuk described in his memoir Istanbul: Memories and the City. Really exciting for a literature student, I can assure you.

Yep, I was sick of group pictures but as everyone else looked so lovely I think this one deserved to be uploaded. Photo by Prem.

Excited for the little trip.

Look, Prem's sick of pictures, too.

Galata Tower

Old mansions from the beginning of the 20th century.
Prem caught me in the act :)

Ruins in the middle of a city.

Beautiful mansions right by the Bosphorus.

The smog of the city.

Castle ruins, probably Byzantine.
Photo by Caitlyn.

First steps in Asia (I had never been before).

Chloe caught me playing with a kitten.

Photo by Chloe.

On our way to the castle ruins.
Prem, our superhero!
I think, those two pictures were taken by Chloe, please let me know if they're somebody else's.

Enjoying the view. Photo by Chandni.

Photo by Prem.
My favorite - thanks, Chandni!


So adorable, Jade!

Milène and Jim making their way up.


The Black Sea.

Chandni was so brave to stand right be the huge whole in the wall.

The lovely girls and Prem - the photobomber.
Photo by Prem.
Photo by Prem.

City smog.
No idea who took this, tell me if you did!

What a cute mule! We found it in the middle of nowhere, being tied up to a boat but it had plenty of grass to eat, so no worries.

Just one of the many Attatürk statues around Istanbul.

Please, don't laugh to hard, we knew we looked ridiculous. Photo by Chandni.

Ah, photo credit... no idea. Again, just let me know...

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