Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The British Museum

Hey Folks,

As I said, I could not fit in the pictures from the British Museum into my other London post, so here they are. I have to say that I really enjoyed this museum. First of all, it's architecture is simply stunning (although I'm still no expert for architecture). Also, it was not too crowded and when we were waiting in front of one object to get a closer look on it, the people would politely move away after they had looked at it for some time and would let us get in front, everything was very relaxed. I did not take pictures of every object we looked at, just the ones that I found most interesting. Since we only spent one and a half hour in the museum, we mainly followed a map that had highlighted the most interesting pieces. My favorite was probably the Rosetta Stone - for all who don't know what it is (I have to admit that I only had a vague idea before): With this stone, a couple of archeologists decoded the old Egyptian hieroglyphs and made it possible to understand all those writings found in tombs.

Well, that's it for today, I have to work on my presentation now :(

Lots of love from Canterbury,

Passed the Royal Opera on our way to the museum.
Maybe someday next year...

This is a real body, found in the desert in Egypt, preserved by the hot climate and the sand.

Old Egyptian casquet and body.

Samurai armour

Spot the mistake - the text below says that particular body parts from statues were sacrificed to the gods.
Favorite music

One of the first chess games

The Rosetta Stone

From the Easter Islands
I though he was kinda cute... just kidding.

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